Need help with picking unicycle

Well im not sure what my style is yet but i kinda do everything. Well i mostly do trails and flat. If you can throw me a set up togeather that would be great

KH 08 Trails Unicycle or a Koxx-One Black Domina. KH cheaper and shipping is much less than a Koxx-One uni (renegade juggling is out of Black Domina frames and you would have to buy one from europe) . For you i’d go with the KH cuz you like trails and flat (it’s a little more well rounded) and if your super into flat I’d go with the Black Domina.

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Although the KH20 is a great all round unicycle. It may be out of the price range for beginners, and there are cheaper unicycles, which are similarly strong and light.
I’d recommend the Nimbus ISIS trials personally, with Kris Holm Moment cranks on. It’s a good strong set up, and again a good all rounder.

Hey thanks i look into that

or you could knock off 200$ and get a nimbus 2 20"

Thanks guys im getting a KH20 after winter is over:D