Need help. With picking a unicycle

Ok im a first timer on unicycle. Once I learn to ride im probably going to start trying some tricks. My inseam is 32 or 33 inches. I have no clue which unicycle to get. I would prefer a green unicycle. If u could help my any post here or message me on aim. My name is imhungry17. I have the most chance of receiving the message on aim. But if i figure out how to work this fourm I might see your post on here.

anybody gonna help me?

search function & nimbus 20 or kh 20 or koxx 20. nimbus has one with a green frame.

For some reason I read the thread title as “pickling a unicycle”. Quite appropriate with that user name :slight_smile:


Learning how to use the forums will be a good place to exercise your persistence. Though it shouldn’t take much compared to learning to ride!

i would recommend a nimbus 19" for street and trials but thats just me (they do have a cool one with a green frame)