Need help with parts

Hey guys I currently own a 24" Schwinn unicycle and stripped one of my cranks the other day, I am trying to find a replacement online but am not really sure what to look for. I seem to be only finding Torker cranks or cranks labeled with esoteric names :(, any help would be surely appreciated.

I’m going to assume you stripped the pedal end of the crank. Is there a cotter pin with a nut on one end up close to the axle? If so, you’re looking for cottered cranks.

Does it have a cap on the axle end? If so, take it off. What does the axle look like? Is it kind of square? If so, you’re looking for square tapered cranks which are much more common.

Don’t buy a single crank, buy the pair.

If you want cranks that are similar in length to your old ones, measure the distance from the center of the axle hole to the center of the pedal hole in mm. That is the specification you need to order the crank. A Schwinn 24" probably has 150mm cranks as original equipment.

thanks man, that was a big help.

140s for the Schwinn I think (5.5"). Even the 20". But when buying new, you have the choice to change. 140 is a good size for all-around or beginning riding, and great for basketball. But if you want to go from A to B, or just go fast, get 125s or shorter.

Yep, as John says, Schwinns came with 140s, whether it was a 20" or 24" wheel.