Need Help with my first Uni

Dane, forgive me for asking because I’m still new to Uni’s, but has Koxx One gone out of business? I checked all over the web and found all of two sites that carry their products. Or is it that they’re difficult to get because they’re made in Europe?

They’re a French company, so they are more popular (and available?) in Europe as far as I know. These sales on their uni’s are supposedly because of a recent clearing of old-products (still amazing uni’s) so that they can introduce their new product lines. They just previewed their new frames in a thread here on the forums.

I’ve been looking at these trials uni’s on Hope that helps. I was seriously drooling over a few of the Koxx Ones from another thread…I would love to buy one, just can’t see myself spending that kind of money on half a bike. At least not yet. :smiley:

Right now the K1’s are $200 about.

Woah, where?!

I really dig the way the K1 135 cranks look…think those would be good for someone like me? I want to get my hands on a 20" trials uni, but was leaning towards 125mm cranks instead. Thoughts?

And always google coupon codes for these types of websites, I saved about $50 when I ordered 2 uni’s from

Also, always check the legitimacy of a website before you buy. Meijer was good for me, dunno about the others.

135/137 seem to be the standard for street and trials, and then the more advanced riders sometimes use 125. it depends on what you wan to do with them I suppose. The blackdomina, green spirit, and alien backflip come with different type of crank than the devil frame ones.

So which is better Dane, those K1s or this Nimbus 20" trials?

For that you would have to ask someone more knowedgeable. I would say the black domina/green spirit/ alien backflip would be better, but not the weaker devil frame. I have no experience with nimbus though, I only know what I have heard from others. And of course, and K1 rider will recommend the K1, also it is a sweet sweet deal. I don’t regret buying my 20" and 24" it at all :slight_smile:

Hmmm my friend…they’re much cheaper too. I might have to go with K1 for my first Uni then.

Another stupid question; can you still do flat land on a trials uni? I’ve been watching a lot of videos and it looks like most the people spinning and flipping their uni’s have trials uni’s.

ya you can that is usually what they are

The line between trials, street, and flat uni’s seems to be pretty thin. Trials uni’s are usually pretty tough, knobby tires, but so are street. And flat uni’s are trials or street uni’s but with a less knobby tire. Freestyle uni’s, muni’s, and touring uni’s, are the ones that are quite different. And the good or serious riders customize their uni’s to their specific purposes.

Thanks for clearing that up for me Dan! That should make my decision process a little easier. :smiley:

Currently checking out the Impact Unicycles that are designed by Yoggi but can’t figure out the sizes since they aren’t labeled well. Does anyone know exactly what the sizes are for the different models?

Ok, I just reread the descriptions for each and I think they’re both 20 inch. Is that correct?

I did a quick google for impact unicycles and got this

Well when I clicked the link for the new line… :wink:

It’s a standard size 19" rim (for trials that is).

Probably of more interest is the fact that it is an Isis hub. That’s what everybody recommends for long term hard riding.


Thanks Friend. I figured it was a 19 or 20 inch. I think I’m going to just go with a 24 to 26 inch for now.