Need Help with my first Uni

I have two that I think I’ve narrowed my selections down to. These are both on .

One is a Club 24 in Freestyle
and the other is a

Nimbus II 24 in w/ Isis Hub.

I’m a 5’9" guy so I think this is a good size to learn on. Also, I want to be able to ride it around town a little.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

I’m really not a pro at unicycles because I’m just starting out. BUT, from what I’ve read, it’s about what you want to accomplish with your uni. I’ve been debating getting a 24" Muni or a 20" trials; I’ve decided on the 20" trials because I want to mess around on some of the urban stuff around my town. I also figured I’ll keep my mountain bike and use it for just that…not to mention I’d rather coast down the hill I just pedaled up.

If you can afford the Nimbus go that route as it will pretty much give you everything you want at the beginner & intermediate stages.
The 24" size will be fine for an individual of your height, and the issis hub will give years of service even after you start leaping, bounding & offroading.

Definately the Nimbus if you can afford it.

What type of riding do you want to do? Depending on your other interests and commitment level, you may want to get a different uni than the two you posted. The stock 24 Nimbus II is reasonably strong and that size is one of the most versitile, but depending on the above you may want to get a different uni or features.

They are not equal unicycles. The Nimbus is twice the price. You will get what you pay for and either one will be good to start with. The club is a learner the Nimbus a keeper.

Wow, thanks for all the replies folks. The Nimbus is the one I was leaning toward because I want something that I can use for awhile.

Skilewis, I plan on just riding about town for now. I have a mountain bike that I’m still mastering but look forwarding to doing some mb unicycling one day.

I really do think the Nimbus is going to suit me. even has a buying guide pdf and I know the 24 inch is really what I want to start off with. Since I can afford the nimbus it just makes sense to go with that one. It’s not a lot more and I know it’s going to last me for years so that even if I “outgrow it” I’ll still have it around to tinker around on.

Also if you end up not wanting it later, you will be able to sell the nimbus back into the communinty. The cost of shipping a used learner uni to someone can be more expensive than how much you sold it for!!

You’d be happy with a nimbus. It may be a bit harder to learn on a knobbier tire, but you’ll get it. If you really like unicycling, you’ll most likely end up with several uni’s, and a 24 is def a good one to have in the bag, you can learn on it, and start into muni!

Thanks Dane, I’m stoked. I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride a Uni but life just got in the way. Then I saw a humorous piece that Steven Colbert posted on facebook and my desire to learn was rekindled. I’m going to post that same piece here for everyone to see. It’s humorous but the kind of piece that you know is going to create some excitement within this growing community. I mean, it rekindled my interest.

That was kind of funny and I realize it was intentionally a tad rediculous, I really don’t like how they just made fun of unicycling, didn’t show anything related to what someone might want to do w/ a uni, and stuff like that can ACTUALLY lead to more screwy laws.

Also their “expert” isn’t one. He assumes a unicycle would be going the same speed as a bike when we tend to go slower. Granted riding among the busy sidewalk they had would be problematic for larger wheels, we don’t need more laws, just common sense and personal responsiblity.
End of rant.

You mean Muni for Mountain unicycle.:wink:

Oh, come on now. The Colbert Report was pretty funny. I know the “expert” wasn’t an expert at all but, after all, I found this community soon after so obviously it inspired a few of us. You just have to remember that Steven Colbert picks on everyone but he always goes a little overboard so that people realize that it’s just a joke. I mean the idea of a unicyclist hitting a pedestrian and 10 mph is fairly ridiculous, which is part of what makes it funny.

I suspect I could run down a pedestrian at a significantly higher speed on my 36" as long as he did not see me coming. However, the domino effect is unlikely because I could not get up to speed with all those other pedestrians around.


I like how he assumes all people are dumb as rocks, and that they would all fall over. I’ve been to downtown Manhattan when it was busy busy, and sure there are a TON of people, but that domino effect idea, give me a break… That guy was an absolute riot, but the sad thing is… he has control, and more intelligent and rational people do not.

I thought the whole thing was hilarious, and I am really glad to see that it inspired someone to get into unicycling. They say there is no such thing as bad advertising. Not that it was bad, I liked it, but you see what I mean.

Ok, another question for you folks. I’ve been reading a lot of the posts here and it looks like my nimbus or a torker lx would be a great all around bike for tooling around town as well as some trials. I know I could go down to a 20 inch if I decide to really focus on trials. I just want to get a bike that can take a bit of punishment. So, will the nimbus II be able to take a bit of punishment thrown at it?

The nimbus will, the torker will not.

Thanks Dane, that’s what I needed to hear. A nimbus II is definitely gonna be “it” for my first uni!

If you’re going to spend $215, you might as well get a $300 nimbus, over 300 and you get free shipping. Will last longer as well.

Ok Dane, but which one should I choose? I don’t see much in the $300 dollar range unless I get a muni and I am pretty much holding off on that until I’ve mastered learning how to ride one yet. Is there a specific model that you’re thinking of?

Nimbus has 20" 24" 26" all in 300 range.

Dave, I was only checking on Are there any other decent websites that carry uni’s that you could recommend?

The koxx-one uni’s might still be on sale at, and