Need Help with Getting Started

It was pretty cool, took a couple steps backwards on the dismount, and the dishwasher stopped the Torker from travelling into the wall. Worse part is that my girlfriend doesn’t want me riding in the house, afraid I’ll break something. When she heard the bang of the seat bumper on the floor and came out to see me picking up my uni next to the dishwasher, she just shook her head and walked away mumbling something about not having to take me to the emergency room yet.

Didn’t have time to practice today, had to play chauffer for the girlfriend because she’s working 1/2 days this week. Maybe tonight I’ll get my practice in when I get home.

You’re reminding me of the occasions when I’ve sent my unicycle flying all the way across the street or several feet down a parking lot. It happened a lot when I was first learning to ride and now again that I’m learning to free mount. At least I haven’t hit a parked car with it (yet…).

I can relate to your girlfriend. I won’t let my husband practice idling in the house. :slight_smile:

So far that’s been the only mishap, I’m getting better on the balance and the exercises to get the feet used to the motions are getting easier. Pretty soon I’ll be able to move a distance without holding on to something, but for now I’ll practice when I can inside, just have to put the chair in the path of the Uni so when it goes out again it hits the chair and not the dishwasher…

I checked out these videos on

Excellent starter advise and I’m doing the 6 to 3 to 6 to 9 then back to 6 pedal movements, shooting for 100 each side a day without falling off. So far the balance has been good, just need to work on the shorts issue. Since the mishap with my favorite pair, I’ve been looking, and also had to upgrade cellphones to get my internet back when on the road.

For some reason I see a air seat modification coming for the Torker in the next few weeks if I can’t find a good set of shorts.