need help with choosing a unicycle which i can do tricks with

hi unicyclists im looking for a unicycle that i can do lots of tricks on, be able to bunnyhop, do unispins, ride down stairs and be able to use it as a freestyle unicycle at like a sk8 park. I dont know what size wheel to get, a 20 or 24" inch. Out of these unicycles which one do i get?---------

-trial unicycle
-off road unicycle
-heavy duty unicycle

wtf help me

If u go on youtube type in “insane unicycling stunts” and it will come up (the first one). Its by “Vidcrew”. Watch that. Thats the unicycle I want but i dont know what type it is and how many inches the wheel is. (my youtube name is “krando00”.

Plz help me…:slight_smile:

The unicycle in the movie is a Kris Holm 20" Trials Unicycle.

Haha, ya, pretty much everybody wants to be able to ride like Shaun Johanneson.

this is what it is.

this is what it is. is the only way you’ll get one in Adelaide.

Umm it kinda isnt

Ill name a few places where u can get unicycles in or around adelaide but maybe not decent trial, munis, and freestyle unicycles lol.

-Thrifty link- they sell girrafe and standard unicycles
-Gawler cycles- they sell standard and heavy duty
-Cirkidz Inc.- they sell i dont know…circus ones? i got there and it is a circus skool =]
-Track Cycles, Norwood- near adlelaid that have a huge range of different cycles including unis.
-Woodville bike shop- the sell unis but type???
-So yer and kinda still lookin but i dont want to order online incase i get scammed or something. unless i can ring the company up and get them to send over i dunno. Im look for a trials around 300$ or less duznt matter if goes over abit

These are my decisions as many others would say their own. :stuck_out_tongue:
1) Nimbus ISIS unicycle.
2) KH 07 29 Green with envey.
3) KH 29 XC 2007 model. (well at least until the 08 model comes out.)
4) Torker Unistar DX 20-inch Trials. (unless you find them in Oz.)

In that case i suggest a Nimbus ISIS Trials. $340 and just as good as a KH. Except needs KH Moment cranks.

I have bought numerous things from them and no problems yet. Order in the morning and it will be at your door the next day.

Why do i need them cranks?


In that case i suggest a Nimbus ISIS Trials. $340 and just as good as a KH. Except needs KH Moment cranks.

What are Kh Moment cranks and why do i need them for trials/street unicycling?

LOL kh 07 29 unicycle is $900.00 OMG what a rip!

Is the one you are referring to cause this is from the Oz UDC website.

Because the KH moment cranks will handle drops like this.

Kris Holm Moment Cranks. They’re $130 but they won’t bend, brake, twist if you want to do grinds, drops, etc. I just got mine in today for my 26" Nimbus ISIS Muni. Now i can go proper riding… soon as i’m good enuff:D

cool jerrick. that looks awsome. great clip. what camera is that?

so “WHAT” happened to the rest of the drop?

You should most definitely get a Nimbus ISIS trials and upgrade the cranks to KH Moments. You won’t have to pay full price for the KH cranks(just to let you know). Thats what I have and if I had the choice again I would do the same thing.

The reason you need to upgrade the cranks is cause the cranks that come on the uni aren’t very strong. You’ll break them and then have to pay full price for KH’s.

Yes he will. Unfortunately UDC Australia don’t do upgrades. The uni’s come pre-boxed so they don’t open them and replace parts. At least, thats the answer I got when I wanted to upgrade my new Nimbus ISIS about two weeks ago. I wanted different cranks, pedals, and seat but they wouldn’t do it. Now i gotta buy them individual at full price.

That sucks. I got different pedals, cranks, and a different seat post. I didn’t have to pay any difference for pedals or the seat post.