Need help with basics!

hey, i’m new to unicycling (i started about a year ago) and i need some help with things. i can go on my unicycle anywhere i want pretty much but i’m working on these:

going backwards
jumping (i can get about 4-5 in. off the ground)
up stairs
down stairs w/ out railing

if you can give me any tips with any of these things it would be terrific. thankies!

Try Unicycle Tips by Andrew Carter and Peter van Boekhout.

The Marsh sisters also have a very good instructional website.

see the unicyclopedia also, link below.

Do you have any feedback or constructive criticism for (assuming you had a look there)? It would be good to hear how well/poorly it’s working.

It’s good to see that the Marsh Sisters’ website is still up, that’s the one I went to when I was learing (or after I’d learned).


Re: Need help with basics!

A few more websites with tips on learning: (especially the How To section) (click the links at the top)