Need help with a Pashley unicycle model unknown.


I have an old Pashley unicycle which has not been used for a long time and I am trying to remove the wheel so I can change the tyre and inner tube, but I am struggling to work out how to remove the wheel.

I can remove the cranks using a crank removal tool, but I cannot work out how to remove the bottom bracket/axle as it is not similar to that of my road or mountain bike and a bottom bracket removal tool does not appear to fit it.

Is this the correct way to try and remove the wheel, or should I be trying to remove the Pashley Bearing Housings from the frame?

Any help or suggestions would be great.


Those Pashley bearing holders are a “lollipop” design, so the only way to get the wheel off the frame is to undo the bolt(s) holding the lollipops to the frame legs. You can’t remove the axle - it’s part of the hub.

Thanks Rob, I will give that a go.