need help with a movie

i want to do a movie but i odnt know how too make one. any usefull information would be nice

I’m trying to make a movie too, and I am having a mental block as well

I know this sounds stupid but what do you mean? What do you need help with? Here is what you have to do. :roll_eyes:

  1. Get a camera
  2. Get a tripod or someone to film you
  3. Film tricks and cool stuff
  4. Edit it with free software that probably came with your computer (or buy expensive stuff)
  5. Post it

ok thanx but wut kinda camra is good.

For online movies you dont need a super expensive really good camera, I use the movie feature on a digital camera, it looks pretty good then i resize it more. Some digital cameras take really crappy movies though. I dont really have any recomendations for real video cameras though.

It’s impossible for anybody to really give you advice considering how much there is to know about making movies (making videos…)

You really have to start doing some research and learning all of the tools and technology. That’s why god made the internet.

Here’s sort of the basic workflow outline and it might give you some ideas to start some research. I’ve seriously over-simplified here. There can be a lot that goes into all of these steps. Be prepared to learn as you go.

1)production (shoot)
-get a digital still camera with the video feature

2)post-production (edit)
-copy video clips from your camera’s memory card onto your computer. Use some little program like windows movie maker or Quicktime or maybe a utility that came with the camera to trim the video clip (cut off the crap at the beginning and the end that you don’t want). Maybe add some music depending on the software.

-upload the clip to a web gallery.

a bit more expensive:
-Get a mini-DV video camcorder. This is pretty much the consumer standard and you can get them at Best Buy or Circuit city or whatever. Range is from around $300 - $3000. You can get something decent starting around 500 or 600, although $1000-$1500 is not a waste of money for the right camera.

-Get a computer with a firewire port (AKA: IEEE 1394, iLink) or get a firewire adapter upgrade for your computer. Also, you should have a large, secondary hard drive. Editing video takes a lot of hard drive space.
-Get some editing software. From cheapest/easiest to best/most expensive, the range goes kind of like this Windows Movie Maker (win), iMovie (mac), Adobe Premiere Elements (win), Apple Final Cut Express (mac), Sony Vegas (win), Adobe Premiere Pro (win), Apple Final Cut Pro (mac). If you’ve never edited, and you want something that is very easy to learn and surprisingly powerful for how cheap it is, check out Adobe Premiere Elements at around $99 (windows only). The same is almost true for Final Cut express on Mac, but its a bit harder to learn for newbies. iMovie, which comes with every new mac is very useful for beginners as well.
-Connect your DV camera to the computer through firewire and start learning how to edit.

-Use your editing program to export files for the web. You’ll have a lot more options for compression with better editing packages.
-Or, export your videos as files for a DVD authoring Program and make DVDs. Apple iDVD and Roxio Easy Media Creator are the easier ones. Adobe Premiere Elements has DVD Authoring built in, which is a great feature. Your computer must have a DVD Burner drive.

Oh yeah, you kind of need something interesting to point your camera at in the first place. Garbage in, Garbage out. There’s no way I can tell you how to shoot something cool. So, either be born a good photographer, or try that trial and error thing.

Anyway, start doing some research. If you hit any roadblocks and you have some specific questions, I can give you some advice. Email this username at

Actually, yeah

Well, yeah to all that’s been seen before. I’d also add that try out a lot of things, both with your riding and the filming/editing. Even a not very skilled rider, like myself, can make an interesting movie with some editing, filming techniques and trying. In fact, I am a level 5 or 6 or something rider and ride street, and my movie made it right to be displayed at the nearby bike shop (which is regarded as one of the best in Norway)…

Therefore, just play around with your camera, your riding, edting software and important, with music!!! Also, watch other movies for inspiration and ideas. Myddelf, I watch unicycle, MTB, skiing, snowboarding, Motocross, ATV, skating (…) videos. All of them can teach you something.