Need help with a Bedford frame measurement

I am working on a handle idea for my 29’er. The concept is one that John Childs came up with when he used a stoker stem from which to build up his Coker handle.

What I need to have is an accurate measurement of the seat stem of a Bedford flat crown frame. So that’s the seat stem, not the seat post; the part of the frame that goes from below the seat post clamp down to the crown itself.

Stoker stems seem to come in a standard size of like 29.0 and there are shims available to customize the part to the particular stem it will be attached to. In order to get the correct size shim I need an accurate measurement.

So, please, can someone with a flat crown Bedford frame and some accurate caliphers take this measurement for me?

Thanks loads!


Don’t we own the same Yuni frame? The seatpost is 22.2mm which would be the ID of the seat stem as you call it or the seatpost tube. The OD of that tube measured 1.010" to 1.020" because it’s painted and not quite round. So you’re looking for something to fit a 1" or 25.4mm tube.

Two photos of my frame are in THIS THREAD. Is it the same as yours?

Ah yes, Greg, you are right, we have the same frames…but I use the Yuni for my MUni. Thank you for those measurements. :slight_smile:

But it’s this frame I was thinking of building a handle for…I think Darren calls it a ‘flat crown frame’.

the midnight purple frame 1.jpg

frame top view.jpg

Does it still take a 22.2mm seatpost? The seatpost tube OD is probably 1" regardless. The purple looks VERY regal.

Yes the seat post is the same as that used on the Yuni. So 1" OD it must be. :slight_smile:

thanks for your help with this Harper!

…back to the handle project now…

I ran across a thread with quite a few pictures of home made Coker handles. On the second page, there is a close-up pic of a simple handle I made that is welded to a steel seatpost clamp (dual purpose). Perhaps it will help convey your idea to whoever is builidng yours.