Need Help Turning Tightly and Smoothly

Okay I have searched the forum, google,and everywhere else I can think of to learn how to correctly turn tightly in a small circle. Currently the best I can do is about half a tennis court in a smooth non jerky turn. I read that “holy grail” article on turns and spins, and I think it helped some. I could really use a video, or more description on how to properly turn. I have been riding on and off since age 10 and I am 25 now. this is something I think I learned to do incorrectly a long time ago and now it is deeply engrained.


My turns used to be like that. I used to like only be able to very make a very wobbly U turn, which would require the entire streets width. I just kept doing U turns over and over and over, right and left, and the U turns became smaller and smaller, and now I can basically do a smooth U turn thats about .5-1 foot in diameter.

Just go outside on your street, stay at the very left of the street, then try to make a U turn. When you do, do it again, and repeat over and over.

Thats how I learned .

I was more talking about circles not u turns

well then do the same thing, only go in a circle, rather than a half circle. there really isnt any major tips rather than just practice


Thanks Unitik, but that’s not really helpful. Hopefully someone who is a level 6 or 7 has a video of them riding continuosly in small circles. I think seeing someone, or tips from someone who has been riding a long time might help.

Look in Amandas gallery.
I don’t know wich level she is but there could be a movie

umm can you spin off of stuff … like a pole or a wall … just push off and do a 180 … then once you do that a few times push hard enough that you do a 360
and your turns should be tighter :slight_smile:

It’s basically the same exact thing. I just did half circles(u turns basically) then rode straight to regain balance. You could try just going in circles over and over, but the way I learned I was able to make complete circles with no practice after mastering sharp U turns.

just lean heavily over to one side to turn, you’ll fall off for ages, but you’ll get the hang of sharp turning.

lean to the side you are turning on…

you fall off if you lean to the opposite side. just practise, It isn’t realy that hard. I remember the first time I did a u turn. It took up my untire street.

Try sticking your arms out, and leaning your upper body towards the ground in the direction of the turn.

And push sharply down on the pedal.

This is possibly the first time i’ve taught anyone how to do something on here so… this might help

Use the foot which is pushing down to sharply move sideways left/right depending on your direction.
In conjuction with your swinging arms you should be able to get a circle. After a bit of practice you’ll do it more fluidly and you won’t swing your arms as much.