"need Help!!! Plz"

ok i just bought i new video camera its good quailty on my mates computer but when i save footage on my computer its is really crap quailty and it pauses ever now then i would really appreciate if somebody out would have any ideas of what is wrong with my computer… but it seems to work well on youtube… any ideas?

Looks nice on youtube.

What camera do you have, what program do you use on your computer to play the clips and what version of windows do you have? Your video card might be otut of date…but when thats the case it usually just dosn’t let you play clips at all.

JVC GZ-MG135, Windows Media Playerand Windows XP Home… Yeah well i can play high Def videos that i download but i can’t watch these without shit quality and pausing I was thinking maybe its my usb ports but then that doesn’t explain why it is HQ on youtube and not on my computer

I got the same problem , i got a new camera , but it’w quality sucks when I put it on Youtube , but some people say that it’s Youtube’s fould.


Same problem? Actually sounds like you have the opposite problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I dunno man, if it plays fine on your friends comp and find on youtube I’m guessing its just your video card that needs updating, maybe windows media player but I doubt that. Sorry.

np… yeah your probs right i guess i will just have to get a new video card. thanks for the help

Perhaps you could ask the powerpuff girls?

haha… well they do live in townsville perhaps i will…

The only thing I would suggest is making sure that the capture settings of Windows Media Player are the same as the capture settings on your camera.

ex: 48kh Audio: 16bit

That was the reason I was having trouble with Final Cut Pro.

Download VLC media player and try using that as your media player.