need help - parents

unicycle AUS does not have the KH 20" trial in yet and wont till early to mid april.
Unicycle NZ does have em in stock and if i buy through them i can get it for around a similar price, problem being if i buy through i need to pay via cheque or internet. I cannot and need my parents to yet they wont. I am paying with my money. HOW can i get my parents to use there credit card and i pay them back?

We need more info about why they wont do it - are they afraid of identity theft, are they novices to buying online, etc.

is it cause they dont want u to get a uni or simply cause they are scared of fraud?

plus are you too young to get a card? over here in the UK i had a solo card when i was 14 lol which is good enuf to pay for stuff on UDC UK…

credit cards are dangerous because of the taxes they will charge if you be late with the payings. if you have the money already thay have nothing to worry about. tell`em that.

I had the same problem getting my qu-ax a year ago. had to order it in UDC with a england adress so a friend could bring it to me. my parents wouldn`t land me the card too. so I just asked an aunt of mine and she did it! :smiley:

Except that having cash in your hand is not the same as paying for something by credit card. There are many steps to go through until the money is credited to the card.

credit cards are abit complex lol, but if your parents have a debit card it works like francisco said :smiley:

thats wot i have a debit card, so when u have no money u cant use it :smiley: i think its the way all cards should be, blind loans can be very dangerous especailly at credit card rate up to like 19% some of them !!!

but if he pays his parents and they pay the card in time will there be a problem?

Take your cash and go to a local post office and get a money order. This is just like a cheque, but you’ll have to pay $5 for it. If this cheque gets lost or stolen, they cannot cash it, as they are not you or UDC. It is very safe and easy to do.

That is what I would do.

Use a certified (cashiers) check or money order. Your bank should be able to get you one for a few dollars.

ok ill get a money order thing from my bank and do it that way. my parents dont want me to get one becasue they think it is a waste of money, ill quote another thing too “how many kids your age buy a unicycle for that much, or even just a unicycle its pointless” and he said i can do whatever i want with my money but he wont get involved. So ill just get a money cheque and do it that way behind his back and say i got a cheaper one.


Good for you! I hate it when they get meddlesome in our affairs.

or get a credit card gift card. put the exact amount you need on it. and it works just like a credit card.

I started riding because my son got a uni, in fact he got a no-name learner from a friend first and then spent quite a bit of cash on an Onza trials, which he still has about 4 years later.
I now have 3 unis of my own, maybe your dad is scared that he’ll catch the bug and that it will end up being an expensive hobby for him.

Our attitude with our two sons was always; if you earned the money it’s yours and providing it’s not illegal you can spend it how you like. You may make a mistake that way but that’s part of life, and as we all know you learn from your failures as well as your successes.

i doubt he will catch the bug but i like your point about mistakes etc. Ill use that line on him tomorrow and see his response. It would be cool thou if he did start to ride, he rides bikes often so possibly.

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why yes my good man it is angus.