need help on new wheel

right now I have a stock torker lx 20". I had the tire pressure to low and after bending the rim and bottoming out many times, i split the rim which gave me a flat. I now I’m gonna have to buy some new stuff, but I don’t want to spend any more money than I have to. I was thinking I could keep my old hub (48 hole), and buy a new rim and spokes. I was looking at the Qu-ax 19 in trial rim on UDC (48 hole). I was thinking that if i buy a 19 in rim than I can use the Maxxis Creppy Crawler 19in. tire on it. At the bottom of the page on UDC with the rim on it, it says “please review these other products” and the only product listed is the Marwi 14 gauge spoke. Does that mean that the Marwi spoke will work on the qu-ax trial rim? On the spoke page it talks about specifing what hub and rim you are buying the spoke for when ordering. It talks about 26", 24", and 20" rims, but not 19" rims. I just want to make sure that the Marwi 14 gauge spoke will work on the Qu-ax 19" trial rim. can anyone assure of that?

You need to get the new hub, cranks, and frame… cuz you will break your cranks and hub you have now in a month… i and i donno if a 2.5" tire will fit in ur frame… so i say just buy a trials unicycle…

If you plan on doing anything major at all, then just buy a trials unicycle. The LX just ain’t gonna cut it. If you like Torker, then I’d recommend the 20" DX. I’ve heard that the qu-ax is a good investment too.

If money is an issue, then I would just wait until you have enough to buy the unicycle. If you have to forgo unicycling a little bit, it would be better than buying more LX parts, and having them break anyway.