need help on landing unispin

I can hop sif just fine, 180 jump mount, and 180 dismount but my feet just seem to go right through the pedals. Is it easier to land 180 unispin on cranks or pedals? R u soppose to land it on seat or standing up? I have been trying to unispin for like 3 months. Anyone have advice for me?

6 threads below yours! 6!!! There are a million threads on this topic, and few right here on the first page!

And now a link to a post I made just yesterday addressing all new members.

Just go for it. Land anywhere you can as long as you land it. When I started, I rammed my feet into the cranks and hoped for the best. As you get it smoother, you can land on the pedals.

Good luck and welcome to the forums!
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Ok i commited the sin before i saw this post… sorry i wont ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever post about 180 unispins ever again