Need Help On Buying Unicycle

Hi I’m David new the unicycling world I was wondering what the best type of unicycle for a beginner is(I’m 15 5.5ft 120lbs). Or if anyone is selling a used one that would be good for me. I’m planning on learning to ride and sooner or later do some trick so something that is long term but still affordable as I don’t have a lot of money.

The cheap 20" you can find on craigslist locally is usually good for a beginner. Once you can ride, you can get a better one that is made for the kind of tricks you are planning to learn.


At your height, I’d recommend getting 24" or 26" Torker. I’d try looking at craigslist first for used unicycles.

You may find some good unicycles on Craigslist, but there are many terrible unicycles also.

If you don’t know anything about unicycles, try to bring along somebody who does when you go to buy.

If there’s a unicycle club in your area, see if anyone there is selling a unicycle or if they can help you find a good one. A 20" or 24" wheel should be good for you.

Here’s a short checklist for buying:
No loose parts. Grab hold of the seat and try to rotate it back and forth in the seat post. Grab the cranks and twist them around the axle. There should be NO movement.
Each pedal should spin freely and not make excessive noise.
Wheel should spin freely and be true and not make noise.
Check for broken or bent spokes.
Check for rust.
Check tire wear.
Check comfort of saddle. Try sitting on it.
Check if seat can be adjusted to a suitable level for your inseam. Your leg should be slightly bent at the knee when the pedal is closest to the ground.
Check brand, see if it is mentioned here on the forums. If there is no brand you can find, I would recommend avoiding it.