Need help jumping higher

Hi everyone,
I have been unicycling for a bout a year and am getting pretty good at it but it seems like the one thing i cant do is jump high. I have a gravity unicycle with an all terrain bike tire. I would like some tips and would also like to know if it helps to let the lire have a little give or be pretty solid, thanks.

There already has been threads like this, here is one of the more recent.

It definitely helps letting the tire “have a little give”. You must remember to tuck, which, if you don’t know what it is, is pulling your unicycle up underneath you. Try to search people like Joe Hodges, Max Schulze and Mark Fabian (or Fabian Mark :thinking: ) on YouTube. They are the highest jumpers on a uni in the world.

His names Mark fabian but his name is Fabian Mark in Hungary/France because some of their language is the other way round.Atleast thats what i think it is anyway

Ahh, ok.

i’ve got that problem- cant jump too high. I tried to angle up the seat at the front because i was riding on my crotch( which stopped me riding for long periods of time), but now i think the handle is too high, as most other trials uni seats i have seen are fairly level.