Need help! Impossible Wheel!

does anyone out there ride a BC (Also Called Impossible) Wheel? Any tips? We
bought a 16 inch Impossible. It’s impossible, all right. Would a 20" or 24 "
be easier? Thicker tires? Psychiatric help? <:) Let us (family affair) know
what you think.

i think a 24’’ would be alittle more stable for a bc wheel, but thats my opinion

wow, thread from the dead eh?

edit: 15 years later

dude! i was under a month old when they posted this in the mail thingy!

I was just over a month old…

I was 1 month 11 days old!
Were did you find this thread? And why did you drag it up? This the oldest I’ve seen on here.

oh, i brought it up because i found it, i was looking for old threads. I had one, but gilby deleted it, my post is in the trash bin. There are a lot more, but they dont have titles, and thus you cant really get into them.

oldest thread i found, its crazy… This thread was mde 14 days before i was born… wow.

I was exactly 8 months old.

Edit: 69th post!!! woot.

wow i was 3 days old! this is so sadly random and pathetic lol

haha. Yeah, i know. Hopefully gilby isnt too mad or anything. He had to name my post that i made on another thread, and then delete the thread all together. But yeah, thats the oldest post i can find.

You kids. My BC wheel was seven years old. It’s a 24" but I don’t think wheel size matters nearly as much as hardware and bearing quality. My wheel’s bearings are crap now, loose and in need of lubrication. A tight, or well-adjusted 20" wheel will ride much better.

…If anyone still wanted to know.

Wonder if they ever figured it out…

i was only 1 month and 10 days old :stuck_out_tongue:

whys your age on your profile say 14…?

Maybe it happened 4yrs ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

i wasn’t even alive when this thread was started!!! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

I still wanted to know JohnFoss. I really wanna make one and this is what i have been considering for a while now.

Although i wasnt just thinking about stability, i was thinking about the wheel getting in the way as well, like with turning so you dont get tyre burn on the side of your legs or anything. any thoughts? Do you think the 20" is the way to go?