need help going up/down stairs

Im getting a little frustrated with this so i decided to come to the forum to get help. Can anyone offer me advice on hopping up stairs? and how about riding down stairs. Ive been trying both of those all weekend and im progressing a little hopping up but im just rolling down uncontrolled when i go down. help :thinking:

Hopping up, just take one at a time. Dont rush it…once you get another step up, steady yourself and balance there for a second and lean into the next one. That way you will get confedence and go up stairs fast with ease.
Riding down stairs is a bit dangerous…unless your just doing 3 or 4 steps. Riding down you cant go slow or you’ll just fall over, so lift yourself off the seat keeping one hand on and find a good speed to where you can stay balanced but also reach the bottom without killing yourself. I like to just take one step at a time, its fun, you are still going down the steps, and its much safer.

A previous thread on going down stairs (not the end all, be all- but some solid info):

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And some GREAT hopping tips can be found on Scott’s site:

Once you have a solid hop down, try to work the energy from hopping one step into the next. If you have to still stand or make corrective hops, try not to crowed the next step.

Riding down, keep over the axel and try to keep a constant pace; don’t try to ride very slow or speed down. Legs will be flexed, not loose. Once you develope controll, you’ll develope confidence and expand what is do-able- and have good judgement about what is at the edge or beyond your ability. Wear 1) wrist protection, 2) helmet, and 3)leg armour (knees) at the very least. Skill progression goes so much faster when all your parts work and you’re not filled with fear.


Try lowering your seat. It lets you go down lower, and adds a bit of spring to your hop.
-David Kaplan

This is solid advice, once you’re comfortable carrying weight on the pedals. A slight to moderatly low seat will also help keep you from bouncing off it while going down steps- not fun to be 6 steps down a flight and not able to reach the pedals…