Need help getting my seatpost in the frame

Hello everyone,

So I recently bought a Nimbus 29" Road uni with a freeride saddle, and was pretty excited when I got it. Earlier I started assembling it. I loosened the double bolt clamp to put the seatpost in, and it didn’t fit. I took both bolts completely out and it still wouldn’t fit.

I’ve tried a few things: putting general purpose grease (best lubricant I got) in the frame and on the seatpost, lightly tapping it in with a heavy object. Nothing has worked. I’m pretty sure UDC wouldn’t send me an incorrect size seatpost, and the seatpost fits through the bottom hole in the frame…

I’m just really frustrated and want to ride. It’s an awesome looking wheel and I got nothing to sit on it with.

Email/call UDC and see what they say.

Measure the OD of the bottom of the post. It’s possible they sent you a 27.2mm post instead of a 25.4. I’d also measure the ID of the top of the frame’s neck, it should be a fraction of a mm bigger than OD of the post. It’s possible the top got pinched a bit, It’s easy to do when the clamp is tightened a bit w/o a post in the frame. You could bend the frame open a bit to fit the post, but I’d only do this if you definately had the correct post and w/ the approval of UDC.

You could pull the clamp off, put it on the post, slide the post in and then the clamp back on.

The seatpost definitely has 25.4 engraved in it. I’ve emailed UDC and am awaiting their reply.

Does one simply pull the clamp off? I’ve tried pulling it off and it won’t move up or down, it only twists in place. Maybe the thing is on too tight. But then I have no idea how to loosen it. Thanks for the help

A “home remedy” I’ve often used is to take two flat-headed screwdrivers and pry in opposite directions in the slot to wedge the clamp open a bit. It may make marks on the painted finish, but it will also work.

Once you get the post in there, take it out and remove almost all the grease. Otherwise you’re likely to have trouble keeping it from twisting. :slight_smile:

Thanks John! Had to scratch up my clamp but I got the darn thing on! Can’t wait to ride it now.

One of the great aspects about powdercoating is that it builds up on corners because there is more static there. Although it doesn’t usually do that on an inside edge you might sand the inside edges at the opening and at the split. There might be some built up paint just at the edges or even some in the bore. Sand in a straight in and out motion, not round and round.

when you say you lossened the clamp how tight was it and was there a post allready in it ?

With both of the bolts out, the clamp was still so tight that I couldn’t fit the post in. And no the seatpost wasn’t already in it.

Did you try that?

I never was able to actually get it off. I only managed to pry it open with screwdrivers, hold it open with one hand and put the seatpost in with another.

I solved the problem, in case you guys missed the post haha :slight_smile:

I’ve ridden it a lot lately and it’s fantastic. 125mm cranks are a lot for me to get used to, but I think I almost got the hang of it.