Need help free-mounting

Newbie speaking! :smiley:
I’ve been unicycling for a few weeks, and I can ride around if I have a pole or chair to help me get on. Now I’m learning to free-mount. Any advice?


This has been covered many times before. A search will turn up quite a bit of information. If after a couple of days of practice you are having specific problems we will be glad to help. An internet search wil turn up video tutorials as well.

There have been many threads on this subject…
They might be hard to find since Free-mount will be a common search term.

One of the main reasons you will find it hard to free-mount at first will be the pedal ending up in the dead position (pedals vertical). I think a useful exercise is to put one foot on the bottom pedal, put the seat underneath you, and practice pushing the wheel forwards until the other pedal is at the front, but you resist the forwards motion with your back foot- giving you plenty of time to get your other foot up- it gives you a step and you just have to launch your weight into the spot directly above the unicycle and get your foot on nice and straight. Practice by dangling your front foot in the air instead of putting it on the pedal and step back to the ground afterward to get used to getting on and off without a prop.

If you try the above and it just doesn’t seem to want to stay in the strong position (horizontal pedals) for a moment, then another option is the rollback mount. If the wheel tends to want to fly backwards suddenly each time you try the above procedure, and you feel your shins are in danger from the pedals:

You can start the same way, with your foot on the back pedal, but instead of pushing forwards on the wheel, you allow it to come backwards and as the front/top pedal comes backwards you grab it with your foot and do half a revolution backwards- bringing yourself into the strong position ready to roll forwards!

If my long-winded words make it difficult then a Youtube instructional video might help you visualise the mount.

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It always helps me to keep the pedals horizontal with my right foot on the back pedal. I hold onto the seat handle and support most of my weight with my right hand as I push off with the left foot. Once both feet are on the pedals, I gradually shift my weight down into the saddle.

If you go to You Tube and plug in “free mounting a unicycle” or something similar, you get all kinds of visual help. Practicing it is the only way to get it though. I feel your frustration. I can free mount my 24 and 29 inch, but I am having trouble free mounting the Coker. I can do it but not consistently. Good luck.

read this thread first.

I just learned to uni in the last couple months and read all that is listed on the threads and just got my first free mount yesterday. Reading the tips are great but practicing them is what counts. It can be frustrating but try a few times at each session and you will eventually get it.

I think the most important piece of advice when free-mounting is that YMMV. When I was struggling to learn to free-mount, I read advice, read tutorials, and watched videos over and over and over. Once I started to get it, I was amused to discover that it doesn’t feel the same to me as everyone else says it does to them, and that most of the advice I read didn’t turn out to be useful for me, personally.

I think the best thing you can do is give it a shot, and try to analyze exactly why you failed when you fail. Did the pedals end up in the wrong position? Would pushing on the unicycle when you jump up help? Are you tumbling off the opposite side of the unicycle? Would a slower, more controlled step up help? If you can try to break down why you didn’t make that last mount, you can develop some ideas of what exactly to try to help. Finally, practice, practice, practice – I tried to make it a rule to do at least 10 minutes of free-mount practice on days that I rode (though admittedly, I wasn’t good at doing so).

Good luck.