need help for sale

ok guys I got arrested monday night,the total fees and fines and borrowed money,add up to big bucks,so Im selling my spare/backup uni.Its a torker AX,with upgraded nimbus venture cotterless cranks.Please I dont have pics,but trust me its been ridden maybe 4 times,just a little scratches on the seat handles from upds.Im asking 5o bucks plus shipping.I have 2 nimbus unis,this one was at my local bike shop, and I just bought it.thought maybe use as a learner uni for my friends,but they have no interest.excellent cond,please email me if any interested inquires,ps show up to court,dont do what i did,local traffic violation turned into almost 600 bucks.thanks paul

If you just bought it and did not ride it (or there is no visible wear) you might be able to return it to the bike shop.

there are scratches on the seat handles,i did fall over a couple times on pavement

oh ya Im sorry its 20 inch

Damn, sorry to hear about your luck. I hope you find buyers for your stuff.

I know that I offered you $100 for the AX(it’s worth it) not even a month ago but, I just quit my job and went into business for myself so, I’m pretty broke now.

$50 for a superlight freestyle uni, that’s a damn good deal. I love the frame shape too. It’s a round crown but, it’s so wide that you could actually do stuff with it. Maybe not stand-up but, definitely foot on crown tricks.

BTW, what length are the upgraded Nimbus cranks?

Good luck.

great support

thanku hydro,i had 2 choices and went w/the 5 inch for the cranks.i wish you all the luck with your business,thanks again


PM sent.

Anything left?


im all set now,paid all my fines,honestly im no pro rider,but you would have to pry my 2 nimbus’s from my dead hands or legs,i do have the what seems like the unsellable torker ax,i asked 50 bucks plus shipping and I just cant seem to sell it,maybe have yardsale this summer.thanx for all the nice replies

I want the AX!

Email me asap- def interested

Where are you located?

has anyone bought it yet. I’m interested if shipping isn’t too much.

The AX is gone.