Need help fo big street lines made of pallets?

I need some help to make some good big street lines at home with pallets and stuff like that. Have any good ideas? :slight_smile:

Big gaps
something like 3-4-5 set and 2,50m further a one set…(nice gap + if you built a 5 set you can do some nice tricks from it :wink:
Make a big set with a handrail and try teck. grinds
Make a gapgrind… make a 5set or something and a bit further a ledge,rail,… so you can gap and grind
I don’t know how many pallets you have + I think you will know better what yu can and can’t… :stuck_out_tongue: so it’s easlyer to invent something yourself :slight_smile:

yeah of course I know best what I can do, but need some inspiration to the lines and your’s were good inspiration :smiley: think I will go out and build the first line :slight_smile:

lots of pallets haha

im making a monster box in my backyard right now, itll start off as a 6 set to practice flips and other stuff. After that ill make it bigger and keep going from there. After i get my flip tricks down off of it ill make a handrail and practice grinds and try flips out of grinds.