Need Help finding Unicon 11 results

Does anybody know where I can find the results from Unicon 11 for trials and Muni uphill/downhill. I have tried but I can’t find them on any of the websites:( and seems to have vanished, or my comp is just messed up. If you could tell me where to find them that would be much appreciated.


Re: Need Help finding Unicon 11 results

You can find them in On One Wheel, Sept 2002, Vol 26 No 4, page 7.

You can get OOW by joining the Unicycling Society of America. Canadians are invited and don’t even have to give up their passports, I believe.

Here’s what’s there:

MUni Downhill Expert Male

  1. Dan Heaton, Wash
  2. Kris Holm, Norco Team
  3. Jack Hughes, Team Jack

MUni Downhill Expert Female

  1. Ashley Wood, TCUC
  2. Sarah Miller, UK
  3. Julie Young, Wheels Be Free

Uphill Expert
Male: Joey Cohn
Female: Julie Young, Wheels Be Free

Observed Trials 0-14
Male: Ryan Atkins, Team Canada
Female: Amy Shields, TCUC

Observed Trials 15 and up
Male: Kris Holm, Norco Team
Female: Katy Lord, PPDT

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

PS I hope I have not violated any copyrights. This information should really be on the IUF website.

PPS Have any 0 year olds entered any events yet?


Re: Re: Need Help finding Unicon 11 results

No, that content should be public. I believe the intent is to get it up on the IUF site, but it hasn’t gotten done yet by Andy Cotter or Gilby or whoever.

Good question. No, but we’re optimistic! It’s easier to write “0” than “up to” or something like that. At the higher age groups, I hope that no matter how high we go, it will always end with “and up.”