Need help finding starting uni

I have been unicycling for several years and enjoy teaching others how to ride. Until now most people have been of an average size and able to ride just about any wheel. I have started to teach a 6th grader however who is interested in buying a unicycle and he is too small for my 24 in. He will be buying it himself so it needs to be cheap. I remember one a friend of mine had that i thought would be perfect. It was some kind of small starter unicycle that had three large plastic spokes. I can’t find it anywhere. if you know this unicycle or a better small cheap starter please let me know

It’s called a Jugglebug, and yes, it’s good for kids who are starting out. They’re color-coded; red wheels are 16", yellow are 18", blue are 20". The seat post clamps suck but other than that they’re perfectly serviceable for young kids.