Need help finding a size

I am looking for my first unicycle and need some help. I am 6’3" and some people say get a 24 or bigger while others say a 20 is the best to learn on. I figure you guys would be the best to ask. I am looking to spend about 100 bucks, what do you recommend? Thanks.


Get the Torker LX 20" or 24". Pretty much all local bikes shops for anyone sell those. The torker lx costs around a hundred dollars. You should get the 24" i think unless you plan on keeping it for a while. Then get the 20" so you can learn more tricks on it easier.

Most people would say 24" is better if you’re tall - but having said that, I’m 6’2" and learnt on a 20".
Either would be fine. 24" is more useful in the long run for general riding about. 20" is more normal if you think you’ll get into freestyle. But you’ll probably buy other unicycles later anyway.


I’m 6 foot even and learned on a 24-inch Sun. If I had to do it over again, I would get the 20-inch unicycle. Seems to me the learning curve is a little shorter with the smaller wheel. Also, the 20-inch is easier to throw into a trunk of a car, which translates into more opportunities for you to practice.

Nothing wrong with the 24; just saying that the 20-inch would have been a better starting uni for me. I would also have to add that I took longer than most people to learn. Took me 3 months before I could ride the 24-inch on the road in my neighborhood.

I’m 6’4, weigh about 230…

I got a Torker LX 24 for Christmas. I really like it.

I recently went riding with a guy that had a Sun 20". We both felt the Torker looked and felt like a better product. I tried out his 20. We couldn’t get the seat up high enough really for me. Its probably just that I have always ridden the 24, but I couldn’t do anything on the 20. Its like I was starting all over.

Now… I am just starting to learn to freemount… I would think that a 20 would be a lot easier to learn on that.

If anything, I probably lean towards muni more than trials, so factor that in as well…

The difference between 20" and 24" is pretty minor if you have good instructions to help you learn to ride. More important is to consider what you think you’ll do once you can stay on. 20" is better for tricks, or riding in smaller spaces while 24" is better for cruising around, and still can be used for tricks.

I was helping two teenaged boys learning to ride the other day. They had their own 20" Torker, which needed a longer seatpost before it would be appropriate for them, so I pulled out my own 20" and 24" unis from the car. They were both tall enough to fit my unicycles almost perfectly, and they fought over the 24" (I made them take turns). In the end though, it should be more about riding than learning.

Definitely get the Torker LX. I’d recommend basing which size to get based on what you might want to do with it once you learn. I’d recommend the 24" because it’s a little more versitile. 20" is just to slow to go anywhere on. On the other hand, if you want to learn freestyle, 20" may be the way to go.

Either will really be fine, although the 20" might be easier to learn on. I learned on a 24"

go for the 24

When I bought my uni back in June, I was deciding between a 24 and a 26 Torker LX. I got the 24. If I was to do it all over, I would have gotten the 26. I don’t do tricks, just commute. At this point, riding the 24 is a little frantic for my purposes. I can’t imagine using a 20 and am looking forward to getting a 29er :slight_smile:


lx 24" definatelt. thats all i have to say

thanks for all the responses. this site is pretty cool. So now it’s between the 24 and 26. it might come down to money. i can find a 24 torker for around 80 bucks. The same torker in 26 I can’t find for less than 115. Will the seat post come high enough for someone my height on the 24? The unicycle will mostly be used for riding around, not many tricks


dude, you will want a 20", if not now, later you will, there is a HUGE difference for tricks, it is uncomfortable

a 24 can be too big, and a 26 is too big for a lot of things.

the reason that a 24 is easier to learn on is because it is less maneuverable.

the LX is a nice strong uni, but I think that the hub on the CX is stronger(PM me if you want to know why), don’t go w/ the CX though as the seat sucks HARDCORE!

My last post needs some explaining. when i said little to no tricks, I ment probably no tricks. i think it would be fun to learn to ride and commute around campus. What do you say, 24 or 26?


I didn’t read all the posts, sorry
but if you ride, you will be like “why can’t I just jump UP the curb instead of dismounting and remounting?”
and will probably get into tricks.

I think a 24 would be better to learn on than a 26, and the speed difference isn’t all that big. But the LX is a great uni, the only bad thing about it is the seat is a little hard, but its better than the CX. It’s a great learner uni, and will serve you well once you improve. You can to Muni and stuff on it with only minor modifications like a knobby tire. It is pretty much the best uni for the money.

I just wrote a really long rambling reply to your post on the facebook group, the gist of which was get a Torker and check out Then I read the whole of this thread with a weird feeling of deja vu.

24" is definitely better for learning on than a 26", and if you want to make it go faster later you can get some shorter cranks, or you can save up for a 29" or a coker. But if you do find yourself wanting to learn some tricks, or play hockey, or ride trials, or anything else that requires a bit of manoeuvrability, then you’ll be able to do it on your 24".

I started to ride in September of 2006 on 24 lx, as I am 6’ 3 also, I had the same question as you regarding size. Well, the seat post is plenty long and you may be able to ride it in its lowest setting. I do not do tricks and am glad I bought the 24.

Thanks again for all the replies. The 24 it is. i will let you know when it arrives.