Need help finding a name for group

So i was at the park and this lady asked me if my riding partner and I would unicycle at some event. She asked us if we could make a name for our selves. But i can not think of a name so if any one feels especially creative and would like to help me out finding a name for our team i would appreciate it.
Thank You

Don’t know if it helps but we came up with a name for our group.
Also known as

How about “Unitards”?


Without knowing anything about you, your partner, where you live, the kind of riding you do, what you’re trying to accomplish, etc, you’re just asking for us to come up with a generic name from a unicycle group. I think YOU have an astronomically better chance of coming up with a name that’s relevant.

My current suggestions:
Two People Unicycling
Two Wheels
A Unicycle Group
Team Crotch Burn

+1 for unitards. . . . . I hear they have those singlets in a wide variety of colors. . . . . .cause like . . . .you can’t really pose that question on here without getting a little bit of attitude thrown back at you . . . a bonus picture as well!

The Bikeketeers. United we ride divided we fall.

The Bike-Eaters! This is all that’s left. :slight_smile:

If it’s just you and your riding partner,

Howabout: “Two for One” Uni Club. :smiley:

Two guys one bike

Thanks guys for the help these names are really good. Now i just have to decide which is best :smiley:

You were looking for a uni club name, right? Just curious why the other three have b*kes in the name. :thinking: