Need help deciding on which uni to buy...

I can’t decide if I should buy this QU-AX:
or this Nimbus:
Please help :wink:

If you want good advice we need to know what you want to do with them.

They are both solid unicycles. The Qu-Ax might be a bit stronger but is also heavier. 170 is pretty long for cranks but some people like them long for tractoring up hills and really gnarly downhill without breaks but I would prefer the 150s that come on the Nimbus.

Both me and a friend have the nimbus and it is awesome. its light but has the solid feel of a heavy uni.

Sorry I’m planning to do mountain unicycling and well some minor trials but mostly muni

i would go with the nimbus. it can handle what ever you dish out. the tire it comes with handles cambered trails really well.

I have the nimbus, feels like a good solid uni. It’s lighter than the Qu-Ax although the Qu-Ax is probably stronger.
In my opinion 170s are too long and I don’t know what cranks are avaliable for the splined hub so I’d go for the nimbus.

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I would go with the Qu-Ax. It’s bomb-proof ! It is heavier than the Nimbus but you can easily get used to it. I ride with a dude that weighs about 55kgs who has the Qu-Ax and he loves the weight of the uni.

I’d agree that 170mm cranks are to long, but that’s just my personal preference as I always ride with 150’s. The 170’s give you great torque for the hills.

My vote is with the nimbus. Qu-ax is good and sturdy but is too heavy and the cranks are too long in my opinion. 150s are a good starting point and while the venture cranks are not bombproof (they are still plenty strong), if you do somehow manage to destroy them, you can just put 125/150 dual hole KH moments to make it more versatile.


Both are very good and the arguments presented represent both sides equally, but there is still one deciding factor: your weight and “roughness” or severity of riding you will be doing. If you are doing 20 foot drops(god help you) and your 200+ lbs the QU-AX would be better, and if your only hitting 3 foot or less drops and weight under 200 the nimbus may be the better choice because of the weight.

Both frames are steel, so no advantage either way.
Rims, hub, seat, seat post, tire, athese are all a “push” as in no difference.

QuAx has steel cranks, Nimbus has aluminum, I’d think the QuAx are stronger than the Nimbus, but if you upgrade the Nimbus to KH Moments, then the Moments are likely stronger.

Not sure if QuAx is ISIS, but I think it is, in which case you can always change cranks. 170’s are long, esp for a 24". so you’ll have some pedal strike issues. I’d go max of 160’s on a 24, maybe 150’s for learning.

The QuAx has a 48 spoke wheel, while the Nimbus has 36 spokes. More spokes is not necessarilly stronger, but it certainly is heavier. Most folks ride a 36 spoke wheel for muni, heavy guys doing big drops, and have no problems, so I think this is a non issue. Finding 48 spoke rims down the road will be hard. I’d go with 36 spokes.

Resale is probably better with Nimbus in the US/Canada, but that’s just my impression.

If they are the same price, I’d take the Nimbus because it can be ordered with different parts, colors, and because it is lighter weight.

Did you decide to get a 24" or are you considering a 26"?