need help building wheel

I have a 26 in surly conundrum frame,ive been slowly building it into a 29er,it now has kh seat post,09 kh saddle,kh 29 freeride rim(no hub or spokes yet)29er racing ralph tire,im getting close to finished.The frame comes with directions,it says I can use kh 42mm bearings,i want the kh hub,but ive been told i should use the profile hub(320$)just kinda pricey) is this my only choice?I have the nimbusII 10 year anniversary 24 inch,i tried to put that wheel on there this morning and it didnt fit,that is a 42mm bearing.should i just buy the kh 29er frame and give up on the surly frame,or do i shell out the 320$ for the profile hub?i do like those moments crank,on all 3 of my unis,so im concerned with the profile cranks,will i like it?please any help would be great

You say the Nimbus ISIS hub didn’t fit? What about it didn’t fit? From everything I’ve read it should fit just fine. I don’t have direct experience with that frame, but the specs on the Nimbus ISIS hub are pretty much the standard for uni’s right now.

Give it a little time, but I’m sure you will find people who have built Surly’s with KH/Nimbus ISIS hubs.

you say you tried to put that wheel in? that may have been a bearing issue?, but the hub shoudl fit, just delace the wheel and built it up how you like :slight_smile:

How would relacing a wheel affect how the hub fits? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

The Nimbus hub and KH hub are both made to the same dimensions. ie 42mm bearings on 100mm centers. As far as I know, Surley frames should be compatible with this.

Profile hubs have 40mm bearings. (I think they are also on 100mm centers, but someone might correct me here).

So, a frame made to fit a Profile hub won’t fit a Nimbus/KH hub. But a frame made to fit a Nimbus/KH will fit a profile hub as long as this first.


Profile hubs come with 2 different bearing options: 40 mm, and about 1 5/8". The conundrum is built for the larger option (or so they claim), so 42mm bearings should work fine. Profile hubs don’t have a set bearing width, so the frame might have to be squeezed in or pulled apart to accommodate nimbus/kh hubs.

So the question remains, was the width wrong or the bearing size wrong?

it just doesnt fit in the frame,im so upset im prob just gonna order a kh29 frame and be done with it,i got the surly frame on ebay for a good price,any one want to buy surly 26in frame its the bearings that dont fit,its like there too big?

got it

im an idiot,all i had to do was spread the forks out a bit and it fell right in,everyone deserves a mulligan

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ok got it

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Glad you got it sorted.