Need HElp ASAP

hey im ordering some new cranks tonight just need a quick hand , does it matter what size cranks i get ?

yeah, you probably have a square taper hub, which won’t take any ISIS cranks, you need to upgrade your hub if you want good cranks.

okAY what hub shall i get ?

Did you like the size of your old cranks? Shorter cranks can help you spin faster and smoother but give you less fine control while longer cranks will give you mire control and power but can be uncomfortable and awkward if you go too far.

Are the cranks off the unicycle now? take a picture of them and we can tell you what would be a suitable replacement. If the crank is off the unicycle if you could take a picture showing the inner side of the crank that would be best. That is where the markings should be saying what size it is.

If you get a new hub you have to rebuild your wheel, you’d also need a new frame.

Edd Hawkes is selling a nimbus trials wheel for £20.