Need flaming puck hockey video clip links

My searching is coming up short or taking forever. Does anyone have any good video clip links to flaming puck uni-hockey?


there is a couple minute scene of flaming puck hockey in the NAUCC 2006 DVD

Anything downloadable from the forums? I wasn’t at NAUCC 2006 so won’t be purchasing the DVD. There’s an engineer here at the office from Minnesota whose son plays hockey. He doesn’t believe me that we play flaming puck unicycle hockey. I need to send him a video clip. made a video of the flaming puck hockey game from NAUCC 2003. He put it in the gallery here, but the gallery is currently down. Soooo I have temporarily put the video on my web space.
Right-click and save (9.48 MB)

There is another one by TheDan here, but it also links to the gallery so is DOA at the moment.

I had a crummy video of it at Memphis (just some random shots of people knocking fire around in the dark) but of course, the gallery is down.

Thanks, John. That’s the one I was looking for.

There will probably be some footage of it after this weekend.