Need Expert Input Please

I’ve been working on riding a Uni for about 2 months now. I have decided to get something larger than the 20" Torker LX that I started with. What I need is any input as to whether or not what I have in mind will do what I would like.

From UDC:

Nimbus 29" Touring Unicycle with ISIS hub

Saddle: Blue Nimbus gel, New “09” KH design base with front lift handle
Seat post: 25.4mm x 300mm chromed steel or aluminum with a welded rectangular mounting bracket, 4 hole
Seat post clamp: aluminum Nimbus double bolt, black
Frame: (Chrome) 29" Nimbus round crown 4130 CrMo steel with 42mm machined maincap bearing housings, with magura brake mounts
Hub/axle: 36 hole steel Nimbus ISIS with a hardened CrMo splindle,100mm center bearing to center bearing
Spokes: 14G. stainless Chrome (290mm in length for 3X)
Rim: Nimbus 700c (29") blue 36 hole, 38mm wide, aluminum singlewall, reinforced eyelets, ERD 607
Rim strip: Rubber
Tube size: 29" x 2.125" (700c x 52/47)
Tire: Duro easy ride (700c x 2.35) 29" x 2.35"
Crank arms: 125mm Qu-ax Aluminum, ISIS splined
Pedals: aluminum DX style with pins, 9/16 threads
Bearings: 22mm x 42mm
Approx. cycle weight: 14 lbs.

I would swap out the crank arms for KH Moment Double Hole 125/150.

Switch tire to a “semi-aggressive” tread. (suggestions?)

Here is what I would like to try to accomplish.

A decent quality road bike for paved trails/commuting, with the option to switch the pedals down a notch and take the same cycle off-road for some Muni.

I live in SE Michigan, so Muni here is mostly just dirt paths, not much in the way of huge drops/rocks/cliffs/canyons/or anything else to challenging.

I know that this would be a compromise as it wouldn’t excel at either, but as long as it would do both to a casual rider’s level I would be quite happy.

it’s a really good uni. weakest part is the rim, but the rim is light and you aren’t plannin on doing drops. i got this uni a long time ago when they only had the cotterless versions, and even with that i never had a single problem with that uni.

it’s basically the next best thing you can get compared to the kh 29 which has a much wider/stronger rim

I have this uni, just got back from some quick ride to the shop (about 2 miles) and it was so nice to ride with the evening weather that I got about 9mph average :slight_smile:

If you want more agressive tyre check the XC version. But it is good to have both tyres - Schwalbe BA and something more agressive. You’ll love BA running smothly on the pavement.

I think that looks like a great ride for what you intend. The 125/150’s are a good choice, but unless you do some serious off road hill climbing, or slightly tech stuff, I suspect that you will be on the 125’s more than you think.

It really isn’t much of a compromise. For the trails I used to ride in Michigan a cycle like this would be ideal. I think you would be compromising responsiveness for strength if you went for a more robust uni. In fact the only reason I would get the Moment cranks is for the dual holes; otherwise, I would just get a pair of Venture 125’s and call it a day. Having one crank length is a compromise, but the dual hole Moments fix that problem. I solved it by having a few sets of cranks and an extractor.

Your riding goals are the same as mine, and I also own the Nimbus 29" ISIS. I added the KH moment 125/150s, as well as the Coker Pi bar. I use it for commuting around town, as well as dirt walking and mountain bike trails. I use the Nanoraptor 2.1, which I feel is a great all-around compromise tire. Not a ton of rolling resistance and handles camber well, but still gets good grip on dry dirt and rocks. Go for it.

There are many choices in 29" tires. You can find something that will work for you. will give you an idea of the selection.

I love my 29" Nimbus touring but I only use it on pavement.

Based on your requirements, the ISIS hub is overkill. You’ll be fine for a very long time with a regular square taper axle, and have more choices of (cheaper) cranks. I currently have 140s on mine, which seems like a pretty good size for non-nutty trails. For road riding I’d go with 102s.

Been down that road…

I have that exact uni - yes in blue! I have used it for plenty of xc and trail riding with the Kenda Small Block 8 tire. The rim is single walled which worried me a little but has never been a problem. I use the normal QuAx cranks (I have 3 sizes) which are fine unless you need to change them often or quickly.

I have since bought a KH 29er that is a dedicated muni and I have set up the Nimbus as a street machine with the Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tire. They are now very different and I like them both.

Wow, thanks for all the advice guys. I really appreciate it. Now I just need to get this past my wife and I’m in the clear… :smiley: