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Swing bikes are a gas and I guess it was sort of a natural progression to began to wonder about a Uni. As a hobby fabricator I was looking to make a Uni (yes I have a complete machine as my hobby/man cave and while I don’t work in the industry I am a school trained machinist and an average welder) but then after reading a bit it became apparent that I would be better off buying something to learn on and then perhaps consider a build. Now I am overwhelmed at the brands and options. What wheel size (if, as I assume that the numbers assigned to the bikes are wheel size) is better? Do bigger wheels roll easier like the newer large wheel mtn bikes? Are 36 spokes enough or do I need 48? Brand - advantages of one over the other? I am 54 years old, 74" tall and weigh 200 lbs. Some idea of where to start looking would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome Steve!

It all depends on what kind of riding you intend to do. If you are just starting out I’d recommend a 20" freestyle uni as most early skills lend themselves better to this size. As you progress and develop interests in other styles you can branch out into more specialized one wheelers.

If you were smaller I’d recommend a Torker CX or equivalent, but at your height and weight you’ll need something stronger. My recommendations would be a Torker LX or any 20" Nimbus model from Make sure you get a seat post that is at least 300cm long or a longneck frame, otherwise the seat will be too low.

We need more “older” riders so welcome to the pool!

At your height I am going to say that a 24 might be more appropriate. I would add the Club unicycles at UDC to the Nimbus and Torker LX as decent learners to get on a budget.

You would probably crush a CX, sun, jugglebug, etc. Those unicycles are really designed for little kids to learn on.

I think you are going to have to post some pics of your swing bike. I have never heard of them before and after a quick google they look interesting :sunglasses:

Ok, so today I closed a deal on a never ridden 2 yr old 24" Torker LX for only 73 dead presidents! Since the best deal I could find on the internet was 139 dead presidents I felt I had a great deal. Not sure if I should celebrate but it came with a stand?!? Since I don’t have a railing on my wooden deck I spent a few minutes with it along side my pickup and much to my surprise I only dropped it once. WOOHOO! Can someone either point me to where I can read about or tell about proper seat height and crank arm length. Also why a 24 (I bought it cuz it seemed to be a deal) but what little I read I was rather inclined to look for a 26. After looking at this for a minute and taking another minute with a caliper I realize that everything except the seat would be rathter easy to fab in my shop.

Where/how do I post photos - I only have one swing bike at the moment having given a few to kids (I love building things for kids) but would be glad to post one. Has anyone seen the uni-swing bike? I think i recall it is a Belguim design and available for a small (fe) nominal fee. You can see it here: and there is a vid on utube that can be seen here

Anybody going to the Asheville, NC Mtn Uni fest in September?

Never knew such a thing existed. Thanks for the video.

Hmmm, Swing Bikes? I had a browse and they look like a mighty fun thing to put together…

I’ve got a bunch of old kids bikes sitting in my workshop - Might be time to get the oxy torch out…

This is another great vid

Aaah, that is bikes of the child variety, with the bikes being of the old species, as in not new; rather than the equally feasible possibility of them being bikes (old or new) for kids who, through no fault of their own (or otherwise, as the case may be) are old.
Please forgive my earlier foray into ambiguity. Rest assured that no children, of any age group, were harmed in the process of this statement edit…