Need "crankflip" clips!


I need clips of you people doing crankflips (one shot, one flip would be great).
I’m making a crankflip tutorial and it would be cool to have other shots of people doing them to maybe show the person watching what’s going on and different styles. I’ll break down the trick into steps to progress the learning and maybe elimate fear. If this is a succuss I’ll go on to make more advanced tutorials.

-Shaun Johanneson

maybe ill be able to learn them.

i could film some

im sure mike could if he wanted to

and so could lucas

see that all UK riders, we will catch up one day

Shaun, let us know when the tutorial is ready, I bet I could really benifit from it

me too, i tried to learn once, but i couldn’t :frowning:
i really want to learn this one

i could video a few clips. On flatground, or off something? When do you need them by?

Me and Spencer already made a little crankflip tutorial for which can be seen here:

Crankflip Video Tutorial

Its not a super in depth one but im guessing it helped some people.

I would like to see a tutorial for hand position on 360 unispins out to in, 360 unispins in to in, inward unispins (in to out, out to in, in to in, out to out), and maybe treyflips too.

i’m gonna try get one of tony’s crank flips (NZ’s only crankflip atm) on video very soon (as soon as we go street riding during the day with a camera).

@Shaun - Is there any format you will be using in particular (ie. 4:3 or 16:9), plus do you care for what the resolution they are filmed in?

Would we be able to put this on when you make it Shaun? Cos that would be awesome.

Yes you could use it anywhere. I would appreciate links of vids if there is a clip on there, then I can just split the clip out too, if it’s a good shot. Hopefully by the person the did the flip sending me the link, that’s permission enough, lol. It will be in 16:9, but I could film in 4:3 if needed.

-Shaun Johanneson

Good idea Shaun!

More crankflip tutorials the merrier!

This sounds like a great idea, I could do with a more indepth crankflip tutorial. I could also do with a few other video tutorials, namely Stand-up Wheel Walk & maybe 540 unispin. I’m sure plenty of people could make the first one, the second would just be a bonus.

Anyway, great idea, hope to see it soon.


I’m Game.



good luck

also, make a stand up WW one too. I NEED THAT TOO!!!


I dont remember you filming me, but that is a good shot. Im sure now I could do mine slower and higher to make it easier to see. But that was with a nice quality camera, nice work!


the files massive like 10 meg or somthing

its 1 min 10 secs of flips or somthing

yeah ok i was bord tonight