need circus-skilled unis,jugglers (NYC) writes:
>I am in need of volunteers! I was just asked to give a presentation for
>90 kids at PS 124 about anything circus- related, tomorrow (Friday)
>morning at 9:30. 6-8 yr olds.
I will add that Leah is at Columbia Univ. here in NYC and is looking for
ppl who are in or can come to NYC tom’w morning. If you are interested,
please respond to her privately.
>It’s through HAI, an organization that brings the arts to people in
>need-- in this case, to children who were affected by Sept. 11th.
>If anyone is available for flashy unicycle performances or juggling, let
>me know!
>Leah Yananton
Hey, Leah. I’ll put the word out to the whole uni world, but the chances
are slim given the time and short notice. I hope it works out.

Brief history: Unicycles apparently came about a little over 100 yrs ago
as ppl learned how to ride penny farthings on just the front (larger)
wheel; then they built unis with just a huge wheel and the seat (and post,
pedals, …) but no back wheel. Eventually ppl produced, and eventually
mass-produced, smaller-wheeled unis. Now we are entering a new age of unis
where they are getting caught up in some of the extreme-sport excitement.
You can get add’l info at and some related links.

Good luck!

Co-founder, Unatics of NY
1st Sunday / 3rd Saturday
@ Central Park Bandshell
1:30 start time after 11/1/01