Need buying help

So I’ve made up my mind that over the summer I’m going to learn to ride. I just don’t know what I want to ride. I’m going to be riding down stairs, hoppin’ on rails, and that kind of stuff. Like skateboarding stuff. I’ll also do some mountain biking trails and those types of things. I just don’t know whether to go with a Trials, Freestyle, or Street. If anyone has any specific suggestions of models or even just websites, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I’d recommend as a shop and a Koxx for trials or a KH for anything. They are awesome. I’ve used a nimbus 29 as well as my KH29 and there is no contest!
The Koxx is great for trials, but the KH trials is also pretty good! If you are doing mountain unicycling (muni) you’d prob be best with a 24" KH. However if you are more street/trials go for a 19" trials cycle!

I just need something that will work for everything. Any ideas?

Unfortunately, there is no single unicycle that will work equally well for every type of riding so you need to figure out what you want to focus on (or at least start with) and be prepared to make some compromises when riding outside of that type.

You mention skateboarding type riding which falls under the Street category. A trials unicycle is a good choice for these kinds of tricks and would be a good unicycle to learn to ride on. You can also take a trials unicycle into the woods and hop around on rocks and logs. You can ride a trials unicycle on mountain bike trails but the small wheel will be slower and not roll over rocks and roots as easily as a larger wheel (this is why most people use 24"-29" unicycles for riding on trails).

Check out the video forum to see what kind of riding others are doing and see if any particular style grabs you.