Need brake advice

I have a Nimbus 24" uni w/ KH Moment 150 cranks, and I am looking to buy a brake for it, but I honestly don’t really know anything about good brakes, or brakes that are compatible with my uni.
here is the unicycle, but I do have KH cranks.
any tips on which brake to get?

There are some exciting things happening with disk brakes on unicycles right now but there is nothing wrong with the good old Magura HS33, HS22 or HS11s.

There may be some coming up for sale from people swapping to disks but the best way to get one for a good price that is guaranteed to be in good working condition is to contact brycer1968 and see what he has in stock.

If you’re looking at rim brakes, +1 on brycer1968

If you tell him what you have, he can supply everything else. All you gotta do is bolt it on. :wink:

wait, do you mean the user brycer1968? on this website? and would he just ship it to me or what?

Yup & Yup.

With tubing cut to fit your ride and pre-filled & bled.

alright so how do I contact him?

See this thread:

Bryce rocks. Send him a PM, call or e-mail. You can find his contact info here: Magura Green Frog limited edition HS33 brakes, new and used

Someone say rim brakes?

Thanks for the kind words guys.

I do have just about every model and color of rim brake here. Let me know what you need and I’ll set you up.