Need advice

I’m planning to buy a muni and I am really confused. Too much stuff to choose from :thinking:
I am 48 and I am unicycling since 2 years. I own a taiwan freestyle uni 20" with round crown. Actually I can ride one foot and idle with both feet on the same side of the uni. I got level 3 pin but I mastered level 4 except picking up that basketball :angry:
I am also the owner of a Norco 24" that I used in trails but the frame is broken and I have no confidence in it now.
These are my needs:

  1. must be bought in Canada (I am a french-speaking Quebecer)
  2. want a 24" wheel
  3. want a large rim to accomodate a “good” tire
  4. want something solid
    and 5) I am on a budget (max 400$ cdn)

Any suggestion? By the way my weight is about 155 pounds that I am trying to low to about 140

Thank you


From what I’ve heard, those Bedford Unicycles are very nice. I just want to check something…

In french, unicycle (english word) = monocycle (french word)
and ultimate wheel (english word) = unicycle (french word)

Is this true? And a few weeks ago I discovered that ‘muni’ = ‘MTT (monocycle tout-terrain)’


how did you break the KH frame?!

In french, unicycle (english word) = monocycle (french word)
and ultimate wheel (english word) = unicycle (french word

IT’s okay for monocycle. But I am afraid that I don’t know any french expression for ultimate wheel.



As the owner of two Bedford unicycles, I would highly recommend them.

Here’s what I suggest you buy from Darren:

    - 1 3" Bedford Frame ($60) - 1 24" Alex DX32 Wheel w/ Suzue Hub ($205) - 1 IRC 24x3" Downhill tube ($17) - 1 24x2.6" V-Racing Stout Downhill tire ($20) - 1 24"x20mm rim strip ($2) - Miyata seat w/ 288mm post ($70) - 3-bolt seat post clamp ($9), unless you want a quick-release lever ($7)
This brings you to $383 without cranks or pedals. You're not going to be able to buy cranks and pedals for $17, so with this setup you're going to have to be spending over $400.

If you want to bring down the price a bit, you could change the Miyata seat to a normal Bedford seat and post ($45) or a Bedford airseat and post ($60). The disadvantage of the Bedford seat is it doesn’t have a handle (I have one on my freestyle unicycle and it works great, but I wouldn’t want it for MUni). In my opinion, you should spend the extra $10 and get the Miyata seat – you’ll thank yourself later.

For pedals, I think Darren sells somthing by Odyssey which would be good for MUni. They’re not on his pricelist and you’d be better off asking him about them.

I can’t really recommend anything for cranks as I’ve only ridden the 5" steel cranks ($20) on my freestyle, which come with it, and the Profile cranks ($525 with hub) I have on my MUni. There has been a lot of discussion here about good MUni cranks and I suggest you do a search on the forum for information. I would also suggest you ask Darren for advice.

To contact Darren, you can email him at bedford_unicycles at Feel free to send him the above list and see what he has to say.


P.S. Joe: I doubt it was the KH frame. I bought a 24" uni made by Norco (didn’t have the Norco name on it, but this is what many people said it was) a few years ago for $125 CAD. Lollypop bearings, etc. Generally a low quality product and if his is similar, I’m not too surprised it broke.


I forgot to mention that Darren Bedford (owner of Bedford Unicycles) is in Toronto. Nice and close.


What about the new KH?


$449 USD = $674.16 CAD (according to > $400 CAD. Then there’s shipping.


His Norco unicycle was not a KH. Norco also sells a standard Taiwanese style unicycle and that is what I assume he had.

Excellent suggestions by Eli for a MUni from Darren. As for pedals, he is apparently getting in - may already have them in stock - some old style Snafu pedals with 8 pins. These would be nice on that MUni; good and ‘sticky’.

I have almost that exact same set up on my first MUni - the orange powder coated one - and it is awesome.


You should send Darren an e-mail. His website hasn’t been updated for ages (I just checked), but he’s really helpful.

Just give him a price range and tell him what you want!

his e-mail is

Aren’t there KH MUnis available in Canada with a cotterless hub & cranks? I think there was a thread about that. I don’t know, though.