Need abit of help

Well, After reading all the “what should I get?” threads, I have decided on getting a Torker Unistar LX 24-inch. But here in lies my Issue.
I learned to ride as a kid long ago when my dad thought it would be a good way for a young kid to burn up extra energy. I haven’t rode a Uni of any type in almost 20 years. I figure, I can relearn and what the hell it would be a good work out for my spare tire/table muscle. And I’m on a year long contract over here and it would be a good way to burn up time.

My only question about the LX would be… Think I can slap a fatter tire on it and be on my way? I will be riding in a mix of mud,sand,rocks,and pot hole infested almost paved roads. Back and forth to work. ( about 1 mile) once i get up the balls to make the ride there and suck.

I am assuming that you should be able to put a 24 inch mountain bike tire 2 inches wide no problem. I don’t have an LX 24" so I don’t know if the profile of the MTB tire would allow it to fit. Maybe someone that has a LX 24 can chime in.

Take it down to your LBS and let them put on a selection of wide tires until you find one thats is fat, and fits it nicely.

I think you can fit a 2.3 tire int the LX frame, but that would be stretching it a little.

Try some 2.125. =p

The Problem is I’m In IRAQ. on an ARMY base there is no LBS.

Oh dang.

Hmm, I would try the 2.125-2.2 tire.

My friend has a 2.125 on his LX frame and he still has clearence for a little bigger tire, so I know a 2.125 tire will fit.

well it seems the checkout page is hosed so I will have to wait for it to get fixed or find a place another place that will ship to an APO AE address.