Need a wide hub

Need a wide hub. Have a Coker frame. Getting ready to build.

Steve. Send me your address.
Or anyone for that matter, send me Steve’s address.

i am also in need of a wider hub for my coker that im am in the proces of destroying. 2 cranks down on wheel to go. Ok so both cranks were the left side and stock but man i bent one so bad going down stairs that is was tuching the frame when i ride back to the car. as the song goes

Here a click there a click ever where a click click

so does and one make a wide splined hub cuz stock cranks just arnt cuting it and i might as well up grade to splined while im at it.

Thanks All


You could use a Schwinn hub if you don’t plan on doing a lot of hopping. Jugglerobaby needs something from NASA.