Need a trials uni

Gday guys,

First ever post so go easy eh? :slight_smile: so my problem is i was after a decent trials uni probably the qu-ax. I live in Australia and everywhere seems to be out of stock i was after this one but they are out of stock, and wont get more in till march or something silly! No fair. And i was after that one because its splined and i don’t want to waste money on a crap one.

Can anybody show me a link or point me in the right direction as i am slowly breaking my cheap ebay uni doing 3 foot drops and all that fun stuff!

Cheers, any help would be great.

It’s usually a good idea to get what is cheapest for the bang. If you live in australia, you’ll have to be careful of shipping. I just took a look at the trials section in australia and it sux! I think you are going to have to wait, or get

If you have the cash, kh20 2007 model is the best around. If you live in moderation near a koxx1 dealer, get a koxx. If you are near the kh get that one.

If I were you, I would slowly customize your uni to fit your budgit. Instead of buy a complete uni, get a crankset or wheel (usually the first thing to bend, twist and break). A good one is the kris holm 138s, a good overall size for a mix of street and trials. After this you could upgrade your seat, frame, rim etc. If a piece breaks, replace it with something stronger.

A cheaper alternative to a KH07, is the Torker DX. It is on the heavy side, but it will not break on you. They come on Ebay periodically, and you can get them for around $250 US, just check for the cheapest way to ship.

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there’s a link to a dx on ebay. I think the shippings gonna be pretty costy though.

Thats my problem, over ebay in Aus all the uni’s SUCK! so its no good. The only thing wrong with buying from U.S is the cost of shipping (usually around 80 bucks) and I cant really be bothered spending that on shipping as any sane person would also agree.

So i guess i just wait! i really wanted the qu-ax one, but spoke to someone from UDC in aus and he said they could make a custom uni, but it might be expensive. So that might be my best bet.

Eagerly awaits reply email

Any further assistance or opinions is greatly appreciated.

if you’re really going to get serious into trials riding then custom is definately the way to go. Just make sure you get a splined set-up if you plan on doing big drops.

You could get the isis qu ax from UDC NZ. I think it’s about AU$350 + whatever shipping is.

Where abouts in Australia are you?

I was looking at the NZ one for 410 bucks all up. But some people say the hub or cranks or whatever are not very strong (the red part) and the yellow ones better. So i was hesitant.

Alternatively this one looks good to but there is no info on the internet regarding it.

Basically 500 is my limit, because anything over according to my olds is to much.

So what should i do?

:slight_smile: thanks for the repliesyou guys aren’t bad people after all!

The ISIS (red) hub isn’t reinforced, or at least reinforced much, but I’ve been told it’s stronger than a cotterless hub and crankset. Get the yellow Qu-Ax hub and a matching crankset.

if that frame is made of 4130 chromoly then you’re set and I think that has the older kh hub and crankset so that would be a great choice.


Well i guess i get the cromoly one then. I don’t really mind as long as it’s half decent! Thanks heaps for your advice guys. Now im off to spend some moneys!!!

Isn’t there another Australian unicycle shop online? I remember seeing one but I can’t for the life of me remember what they are called.

edit: K damn the second I posted that I found it in the link that he posted, Gap unicycles, sorry.

And yeah that unicycle you looked at there looks really good. I think it is based on the old KH hub that is actualy still one of the strongest around and the frame it has is also one of the best based on the old KH frame. Infact the whole thing is pretty much an old KH. So it will be a bit heavy (I don’t think as heavy as the DX) but it will definatly be a good uni.