Need a ride to NAUCC 2006 and/or Have extra room for 1 person

I’m trying to figure out how I’m getting to NAUCC 2006 in Memphis from Minneapolis, MN and have determined I have 2 choices as of now.

  1. Find someone who can squeeze me in their car or

  2. Drive my car down there by myself or hopefully find someone that needs a ride to cut down on the price of gas and have some companionship on the way down.

So, does anyone have room to fit me and my stuff? Or does anyone need a ride? I was thinking of leaving after work on Thursday or early Friday morning and then coming back the morning of July 6th but might be flexible. If I drive I have a convertible mustang so it’d be a fun ride out there but I can only fit me plus one person and their luggage. If no one is from MN, I could possibly meet someone somewhere along the way and then park a car at a 24-hour walmart or something.

Please let me know ASAP if this works for anyone ( Otherwise I’ll be stuck drinking some red bulls and doing the drive myself. Thanks!