Need a review on this unicycle. Link below

Anybody have a review on this

I have one of those, so I’ll give a TL;DR:

HEAVY. The rim is heavy, the tyre is heavy, it has 48 spokes so they’re heavy, and the frame is steel so is also heavy. This does, however, translate to a machine that’s solid like a tank. The TA tyre is whisper-quiet on the road but slips about in mud far too much. It’s super-thick so rarely punctures unless you ride it through Hawthorn roads like I do.

The stock pedals are crap, change them as soon as you take it out the box.

The stock saddle is far too curved, far too short and far too padded. Decide if you like that, and swap it out accordingly.

It’s gotten me through loads of big bike events with zero issue and drama, and I commute to work on it every day too. Unfortunately, the frame is starting to rust (Stainless steel, my arse).

So yeah. for the price you can’t go wrong at all, you get ISIS cranks and a wheel that will never un-true itself. If you’re rough you might want to swap out the Qu-Ax cranks, as they’re notoriously weak, but I’ve never had this issue on mine.

Do you know how much it wieghs?

According to ( it weights 8.7kg.

That’s actually a very good price and the lowest I’ve seen for a new 36er, especially with isis drive. Looks very similar to a quax frame. The other big plus is that shipping to the US and/or Canada is a mere $12! Great deal all around.

It is a Qu-Ax.

Well there ya go. $417 including shipping for a brand new 36er w/isis drive is the best deal anywhere I’ve seen.

I bought the 29" version of that frame from Goudurix a few summers ago. That’s what I’m using for my 700c road uni, which is the uni I’ve ridden the most by a lot. It’s steel so it isn’t feather-light and maybe the stamped bearing holders would be an issue for really extreme muni but it’s been zero trouble.

I used that model of saddle for a too. It’s been sidelined since I pulled one of the mounting studs through the plastic base while tightening the nuts to try to get rid of an annoying creak. I have other saddles so I’ve only gotten as far as disassembling it. I might put it back together some day if I really need it. Some people have also complained about it being uncomfortable but I never had that problem.

I think it might be a little heavy…