need a new unicycle, I ran mine over

I was looking to upgrade my classic 20" sun, and now I have to. Iran it over with my wifes van the other day. my choices are:

sun new flat top chrome looks nice

semcycle xl w/ freestyle frame looks good and is local

new nimbus x looks great

torker lx seems good

club looks pretty good

black widow seems great too

nimbus ii also seems good on

I like the semcycle, I road one and a lot of people in our club ride them

I want a flat top so I’m not sure the nibus x would be being rounded, I don’t do tricks yet. I was told the flat top is a must, neither nimbus have true flat tops. dose that even matter if its a round rar or a flat bar on top. I seen one kh 08 double crown frame had an extra bar weled in front of the main bar.

torker is pretty basic, not great but a good beginer

club seems to be around the same as the torker

the sun frame seems great, I never had a problem with my sun, until i ran it over. Its still on the level of the torker and club

and the black widow uses the nimbus frame as well

whats everyones opinion? I want a 20" I can do some street and alot of freestyle with, it will be road alot and abused. I’m kind of focusing on the chrome sun flat top, the semsycle xl with the freestyle frame, and the new nimbus x.

You ran over it again in this thread as well?? :astonished:


mayb i can help,torker AX w/nimbus venture crank upgrade,mint cond,just some scratches on seat handles,greyish/silverish color,aluminum frame.asking for best offer