Need a new saddle/post for a beginner.

Hi everyone. I’m brand new here (as well as unicycling) so hopefully this is in the right place and all that. A month or so ago, I decided to try the unicycle of my Dad’s that has been hanging in our garage for a little over a year now. It’s a Savage 24". During the learning process, I managed to bend the metal bars and seat itself into a horribly uncomfortable position. It’s now bent to the point that it’s restricting any progression, as I want to get off after a few meters of riding. I’m not good by any standards (other than maybe my own), but I have ridden a half mile and made a few very shallow turns. Freemounting isn’t on that list yet, nor is idling. But hey, I’m having a hell of a time doing all this, so I’m sure eventually it will come.

So, how, the questions. My seat post is a little too short along with my seat being bent so badly. I need to purchase a new one, but have absolutely no idea where to start. It might take a little more wear and tear, but I’m past the point of dropping it every single time I get on. Most dismounts I catch and the seat doesn’t touch the ground. Every once in awhile it falls, but less and less often now.

I don’t know if you guys would recommend getting an entire new unicycle or not. My guess is no, but if there’s a valid reason, I’m definitely more than happy to hear it. I like the 24" wheel size a lot as far as I can tell. Tricks may come later, but I always thought commuting would be awesome too. Love the simplicity of the whole thing.

So if anyone can help me out with a seat/post choice (or new unicycle? maybe?), I would appreciate it. I’m 15, 6 feet and 180 pounds. Not a terribly small kid. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like you are using a cheap uni. I would say either buy and new uni, such as a Torker LX, or go to and check too see what seat options they have. I have a KH seat and the thing is great.

Good luck learning.

Seat post that will fit a savage uni:

Comfiest seat ever:

Kyle has it right Here’s a straighter link to the post you need.

It’s worth it to buy a KH seat now, even though you will likely buy a new uni later. Only KH’s come with that seat, and they are $. You can move that seat to any other uni later, and have the best seat. 55 $ sounds a bit pricey, but a 200 $ new uni won’t come with a seat that good. Unless you quit uni riding, you will get lot’s of use from that seat. Crappy seats have done more to discourage uni riding the gravity IMHO.:slight_smile:

woops, that was the link I meant to send, thanks.

Thanks for the recommendations. But I am curious how well a seat will hold up to more falls? I was trying free mounts today, while a few were successful (stoked on that) some weren’t. Most were caught, and again, some weren’t. I just don’t want to bang up a $60 seat early.

Don’t worry, today’s saddles can take thousands of drops without bending. That’s the advantage of plastic over metal! Your Savage (or similar) seat design is from the 70s. Those bars are evil! All of the seats you see at should hold up much, much better, excepting the Savage seat which should do about the same; but why would anyone want that one?

That’s great news. My Savage seat was comfortable enough for me for about three hours of dropping…

What kind of advantages would I see with a totally new uni (even a cheaper one like the Torker LX that was recommended)? Without a change of wheel size, what improves them? Is it just build quality, maybe the wheel used? I would think that if it is just build quality I could just use this one until it falls apart.

Lighter, stiffer, stronger, more robust. If you’re still learning then there’s probably not too much point in investing in a new uni right now, wait until you decide what type of uniiing you want to do later on then buy something more specific.

No advantage

If you get to the point where you want to hop around on the uni, like in those trials videos, buy a new uni with a splined hub. For riding around on the street, your present uni with a KH seat will be a dream ride.

If you don’t need the extra strength of a splined hub, it won’t help you at all.

That’s what I was thinking, yeah.

But a nice seat will be worth it? Dropping $70 on this seat/post isn’t overjoying me… Any cheaper (yet still good enough) options?

The Nimbus seats are quite good and a bit cheeper. Lots of people like the Nimbus Gel and I think that the Nimbus Hi-Top with the foam cut down and grooved could possibly be the most comfortable seat out there.

If you are a do-it-yourseler I would look into getting the Hi-Top then carving it down into whatever shape most suits your posterior.

I’m not really comfortable cutting down a seat, so I gritted my teeth last night and placed the order. I think I’ll be happy in the long run. Thanks for the help everyone.