Need a new saddle. Any suggestions?

I was trying new tricks the other day and screwed up pretty badly. didnt feel good and i snapped my seat in half. 3 year old seat. Looking at the KH fusions. any good?

If you have the money, I would reccomend getting a carbon fiber base, with a KH seat. I got one about 2 weeks ago, and have no regrets. Probably the best as far as street goes.

KH Street or Nimbus Gel are easier to hold onto for trials or tricks

The KH Freeride is more comfortable, but a bit harder to hold onto SIF.

All really good seats.

If you like the seat you have you could just get the cf base. On a new seat you’ll eventually break it’s base and need one anyway (would prob take several months at least). In addition to being lighter and much stronger, it’s sturdier for hopping SI and for some tricks.

or just get a peice of thin sheet metal and weld up a new seat stiffener… that won’t ever break (mine is finally starting to flatten out…:()

Definitely the KH Fusion Gel. I’ve never had a CF base bc I’m cheap, but as far as the seat goes, it fantastic.

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Thanks. ill be ordering one on friday