need a Muni?

Stumbled on this one on ebay KH24

He said a stronger hub and rim, so I am asking him what excactly he did, cause there isnt much better than a KH rim and hub. I am guessing a Profile set-up, not sure for the rim though.

Buy it now for 300. Thats a great deal.

Yeah, I’ve seen that also. I’ts a great deal :sunglasses: . The “Buy it now” price is even a good deal:) . The 2007 is slightly better but I doubt anybody other than someone with similar ability of KH or Rayan Atkins can tell the defference.:o

I got an email back from the seller, and he said he doesn’t have actual pics of the muni because his “camera sucks”. I am leary of this auction. I asked for specifics but all he replied was that it’s "a good muni and worth the money. He initially had TWO stock photos; a 2005 and a 2007. He did say that it is a 2005. I guess this auction is moot to me because I just ordered a new 2007 KH from udc *today!"Yay! I willprolly be selling my 2005, or failing that, keeping it as a backup.:smiley:

I find that surprising since I believe it was you who said that although you were glad you got the 2005 KH 24" you didn’t think it was worth the expense over the DX 24".

Hmmm, I don’t remember saying that, but I’ll concede the possibilty that I did.

Having had my KH freeride for a while now it is my opinion that the KH is a great muni, and definitely worth the money! When I pick up a 24" DX now, it feels like it weighs a ton, (compared to my freeride) but they are still a great uni for the price, to be sure!:slight_smile: Maybe it’s just because I’m used to my KH, but it just feels lighter, more nimble and responsive than my former DX, which I did like quite a bit! :roll_eyes: I am looking forward to my new 2007 Kh, (and also new BC wheel), which will be arriving next week! YAy!

before you sell your old KH, I’d love to be able to meet you and ride it for a whole ride.

well me, Jim anda few others will be riding a new trail this Sunday! Go here for info. It also is much closer to you than Aliso woods. :smiley: The only problem is that I won’t have my 2007 'till next week! So I’ll have to ride my 2005 until then.

could you pleasepleaseplease take your brake off then?

Why? Do you want to meet us Sunday? If so, you’d be able to try it here and there, but not the whole ride, because I need it, ha ha! I just checked with UPS and my new kh will be here Monday. yippy!

HEy does anyone know if the nimbus BC is easier, harder, or roughly the same as far as learning to ride, compared to the bedford? UDC had a slightly used nimbus bc so I bought that one because I won’t be doing any hardcore stuff on it-just plain riding.

we’ll I’ve heard really bad things about the nimbus plates. personally, I’d wait 'till the lowered bedford plates come out. also, there are some great wheels on ebay right now. you could get one of those, get some plates from dennis, and have a BC for about $100.

Can you specify? What “bad things?” :thinking: Plus I already ordered it, but it was only about $80. And since I’ll just be rolling on it, and not any trials stuff it should hold up ok…I hope. I know that the plates are steel as opposed to aluminum, so they should also be pretty strong. We’ll see.