Need A good T-Shirt.

I need a good t-shirt slogan or sommat to put these scallies in their place. Esp after seeing more uni t-shirt posts cropping up :stuck_out_tongue:

Today i had some scally say you must think your clever and then a stone flew past me :angry:

Anyone got any ideas?

Come to BUC.

Buy one of Gilby’s -


not really funny or anything, just some pictures.

phil surgested

“I have more wheels than you have brain cells”

wonder if anyone can add to that to include comments by ppl.

Or the meaner approach:

“I have more wheels than you have balls”

lol, like it.

Anything to stump all the ppl b4 they make the normal crap comments?

i would like to see: “im afraid of clowns” and have a person beating a clown with a uni. :stuck_out_tongue: So mean.

i would buy one if u made one…

[plus i got 2 of gilby’s…
a “mountain uni” one
and a e.t. one where it has the picture of the moons and stuff but he is on a giraffe in the air holding et instead of a bike