Need a 20" unicycle ASAP

Anyone near Ypsilanti Michigan have a 20" unicycle they would like to sell or donate to a 10 year old boy?
I am taking him camping the weekend of 9/21 and want to spend time teaching him to ride.

I have checked the local stores and they say “all out till spring”.

Thanks for you time

i dont know where you are located, but this bike shop in Hazel Park Michigan sells unis an I know for a fact has them in stock

Thank you for the information, I called them and they do have “One” 20" in stock. At $100 I am going to have to see if anyone else has any input.

Once again, Thanks for you response. may be able to priority ship one out for you in time.

i just realized your not leaving til the 21st. order a uni from today and it will be to your house by Wednesday or Thursday with regular shipping(at least thats how it always for me)

torker LX’s are the best learner unicycles.
they are $100

those unicycles are plenty good to learn on and use for the joy of riding, without tricks.

do a google search and you should find a good deal. i have seen LXs go for $75 and cyclepros for 60 w/ free shipping.

the CX unicycle has a bad seat though, it is torturous.

Thanks for all the replies, I just got home from picking up a Torker 20" off of Detroit’s Craig’s list.